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Ladies' Night

A heartfelt Thank you to all the mauve-lous ladies who attended our 14th Annual Ladies' Night this year. This is our biggest Fundraiser of the year for the IWK Children's Hospital, we couldn't do it without your support!  We did things a bit differently this year we had seven demo stations set up throughout the store featuring: "Homemade Pasta & Sauce", "Annapolis Highland Vineyards", "S'Mores Squares", "Healthy & Tasty Sweet Potato Dip", "Chocolate Fondue", "Skinny-Coconut Oils", "T-Shirt Kids" a prize to be one at each station. Plus prizes throughout the evening, and of course "Specials". The event was live streamed and you can watch it anytime, it can be found in our Video's on our Facebook page.



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