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 Hardwood: Solid hardwood flooring that is durable and maintenance free. Varies colour available.  


Wood to Wood Variation: Wood is a natural material that features changes in colour and tone. The board-to-board colour variation is more pronounced in some pieces than in others for the contrasting look of solid hardwood.

 Solid Maple: Hardwood flooring at it's finest. With this hardwood you get a traditional finish with low gloss and enhanced appeal in y our home.



 Laminate Panels: Affordable alternative to authentic slate. Home offers a price for any budget.

Vinyl Tile: Low gloss tile that is durable and stylish for any kitchen.

Laminate Hardwood: Comfort and style that reflects your taste. Comfortable, low-maintenance flooring. The look of wood, without the cost.



Naturally decorated tile suited for your home. Many sizes and shapes available for maximum design options. 

Porcelain Tile: Authentic stone with a variety of styles. 2562-581.

 Travertine Stone: Natural stone that can be referred to as marble or limestone. Soft and delicate flooring. 2562-076

 Verona ceramic tiles: Elegant mono cottura stoneware tile with beautiful depth of colour and classic stone looks. 2560-960



Comfort for your feet. Flooring you can trust to last.

 Carpet: Carpet offers much more than other flooring choices. Most choices can't touch the versatility, comfort and style that carpet delivers.

 Cork Flooring: Comfortable Eco-Friendly Cork is naturally warm, great sound absorbing and available in many colours and textures.






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