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Harvest your garlic.  Ideally, you would have done this 2 weeks ago, but no harm.  Dig it, dry it in the sun for 10 days and store it in cool, dry place until you are ready to use it.


Sow grass seed or lay sod.  Use Mark's Choice quality Lawn Soil (weed free!).  Grass is a 'cool season' crop and loves our lower evening temperatures, shorter days and heavy morning dew.  Apply Golfgreen Iron Plus, the most sophisticated lawn fertilizer on the Canadian market, to your established lawn now.  Apply Fall fertilizer in late October or early November.




Plant fall flowering sedum, asters, mums, Japanese anemone, rudbeckia (well, it has been blooming for a few weeks now).  Check out the selection at your local garden retailer.  Many Home Hardware stores feature fall flowering plants for sale.



Plant Holland bulbs!  Not all bulbs are from Holland, but most of the spring flowering bulbs that we plant now are.  And note that Holland is not a country, it is a province within the Netherlands. Who knew.  Well, the Dutch enjoy telling me this one.



Cut back early flowering perennials like Shasta daisies, veronica etc.  Who knows, they might flower again before the snow flies!

Harvest your tomatoes.





Watch for the zucchini fairy.  That would be you.  My daughter Emma, who lives in London, UK reminded me of this one yesterday. Using a sharp knife, carve the name of a kid in a small zucchini and come back in a week or so.  The name will have grown and the kid the zucchini is named after will be thrilled.  Take a picture of this moment.  After all, the zucchini fairy does not visit every day!   


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