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March Gardening:


- It's time to prune apple trees, thinning out old, thick branches and dead wood to open up the tree for spring. Watch

the video.

- If there's still snow where you are, take the opportunity to knock snow and ice off your shrubs, evergreens

and trees to prevent broken limbs.










Buy garden seeds or look in your area to find out about Seedy Saturdays and Seed Exchanges, which are

a great way to find heritage varieties and meet local growers. If you're going to buy your seed from a seed company 

or retailer, it's still early enough to get a broad selection.

- Before the end of the month, you can begin starting your cooler season crops such as onion, leeks,

broccoli, cauliflower and kale which are okay to transplant up to a month before last frost. It helps to

protect them with a row cover, but starting seeds in March is a good opportunity to lengthen your growing season.





 Start your dahlia bulbs inside using 1-gallon pots and a quality potting mix, which will give you a jump on their

blooming season.

Get out to your local Garden Days or Festivals. Gardeners are emerging from their hibernation, and horticulture

clubs everywhere are getting active. If you aren't already a member, look up your local club and see what they are 

offering...many have already started running workshops for the seas


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