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IWK Fundraiser

At the heart of the Maritime Provinces is a very special place that is loved by many for a variety of reasons. For some it is a place of work, for others it is the place where their child was saved. Some refer to it as a home away from home, while others take comfort in knowing it is there if needed. It is the IWK Children's HospitalOver the past year Sissiboo Home Hardware Building Centre has held fundraising events to help support the IWK Children's Hospital. This year we raised $12,000.00 in memory of Gracie Sabine. A big thank you to all the employees who put these events on and to all our loyal customers who patronize these fundraising events! YOU ROCK!




WOW School Reading Program

The WOW program is a partnership involving local RCMP, the public library and local schools. Sissiboo Home Hardware Building Centre donates a bike to the winner of the Weymouth program each year.

In Digby County, students from Weymouth Consolidated School came first, reading an average of 114 books per student for a total of 27,304 books read. Digby Elementary School was second with a reading average of 94 books per student and a total of 35,584 books read. Digby Neck Consolidated School came third with an average of 85 books per student for a total of 3,234 books read. Barton Consolidated School came fourth with its students reading an average of 77 books for a total of 1,083. Islands Consolidated School was fifth. Its students read an average of 76 books for a total of 5,371 books. Digby County students read a total of 72,576 books. WOW!!

Congratulations Josiah Cook!

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