IWK Fundraiser StreakFree Cloths


As an IWK Fundraiser we are selling these amazing StreakFree Cloths 2 for $5.00 



Clean with just water!

* Use Wet or Dry
* Hypoallergenic
* Environmentally Safe
* Super Absorbing Capacity
* Rapid Dry Time
* Cost Effective, Use it Over and Over
* Washable 100′s of Times
* Quick, Simple, Easy To Use
* Contains No Chemical Additives


Wet it, Wring it and Wipe any surface!


* Mirrors, Glass and Fiberglass
* Aluminum, Leather and Vinyl
* Plastic, Rubber and Fabric
* Easily Mop Floors and Walls
* Water Spots Autos and Boats
* Motorcycles and RVs
* Sports Equipment
* TV and Computer Screens
* Chrome, Windshields, and Rims


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