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Get Ahead of Insects and Disease with dormant spray. Wait until nighttime temperatures are above freezing for an after dark treatment of your trees, shrubs and roses. Apply before the buds have fully broken.

Start your zinnias, marigolds, cucumbers, squash and other fast growers or wait another couple weeks and direct sow them outdoors. Always in a sunny garden.

Overseed the lawn with quality lawn soil and grass seed and apply CIL Iron Plus to existing lawns.

Prepare your containers. Containers should be emptied of last year's soil and replaced with quality stuff. The point is to replace used, tired container soil with the best new soil you can get your hands in and put last year's container soil in your garden. If you live somewhere off the ground, like a condo, give the soil to a friend who owns some real estate.

Prepare the soil. Meanwhile, back on the ground, enhance the quality of the soil in your garden with generous quantities of compost. Mark spreads two to three centimeters of compost over most of his garden this time of year. He lets the earth worms "work it in" to the sub soil. You can turn yours under by hand or use a rototiller if you wish.

Plant. Most Canadians live in a growing zone where frost is expected for at least the next couple of weeks. All of us can plant trees, shrubs, evergreens and roses now. If you find perennials that have not been greenhouse-forced, they can be planted out as well. 

Sow. Many veggies can be sown by seed now, regardless of frost in the forecast: peas, radishes, beets, carrots, onions, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

Recipe for the Best Lawn on the Block:

Rake. Use a lawn rake to remove loose debris and get the grass blades to stand up.

Sow fresh grass seed on thin patches. To make this job easy, just apply CIL Iron Plus 4 in 1 Recovery. The best product of its' kind in Canada. Fast green-up, thickens your lawn and repairs damaged areas.

Apply CIL Iron Plus lawn fertilizer. The only product on the market that is guaranteed to produce a visibly greener lawn in 72 hours or your money back. The Iron is exceptional quality, the nitrogen slow release for longer results.

Aerate your lawn, where soil is compacted, with a hand aerator. 
About Mark and Ben:

Mark Cullen is an expert gardener, author & broadcaster and holds the Order of Canada. His son Ben is a fourth-generation urban gardener and graduate of Guelph and Dalhousie University. You can sign up for their free monthly newsletter and find his weekly podcast & blog at

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